Radiance Solar announced today the completion of the Damaste Real Estate solar energy project, one of the first of its kind in Macon, Georgia. The solar energy system, consisting of over 100 solar photovoltaic panels, converts the sun’s energy into electricity that can be utilized on site or sold back to the grid.

The Damaste system was the product of collaboration between Atlanta-based Radiance Solar and Macon entrepreneur, Stefano Danese. “The solar design that Radiance created allowed our business to monetize the large footprint of our parking garage,” says Danese, “…a rooftop array gives us maximum exposure to the sun, as well as increased visibility in the community.” The photovoltaic array boasts 108 Schuco panels, expected to produce in excess of 32,000 kWh per year, offsetting both a significant amount of energy expense and environmental impact.

The system was designed to interconnect with Macon’s electric grid, maintained by Georgia Power. The Damaste solar array was selected to be a part of Georgia Power’s Buyback Program, wherein Georgia Power buys clean energy for $.17 per kWh, a higher rate than Damaste currently pays for energy usage. Over the first five years of the solar system’s life Damaste will offset over $27,000 through Georgia Power’s green energy initiative.

The thousands of dollars in energy savings at Damaste Real Estate will be created alongside an environmental offset of 23 tons of carbon dioxide per year. “Damaste is a perfect example why solar energy is surging in the state of Georgia…” says Radiance Solar CEO James Marlow, “…progressive businessmen like Stefano Danese have realized that investing in solar energy not only makes a statement about environmental stewardship, it also creates a substantial financial return on investment.”

The Damaste array is one of hundreds of solar energy projects completed during the last 24 months in the state of Georgia, and one of the very first in the city of Macon. Solar energy has been one of the bright spots in Georgia’s economy during the downturn, serving as a job-creation engine for the state’s workforce. The completion of a project like Damaste Real Estate is continual evidence of the growth and financial viability of Georgia’s clean energy economy.

About Radiance Solar:

Radiance Solar is a leading solar contractor, specializing in the design, installation and maintenance of solar energy systems. Their mission is to bring low-cost, reliable solar energy within reach of every electricity user through a relentless commitment to innovative design, aggressive procurement and efficient construction techniques. www.radiancesolar.com

About Damaste Real Estate

Damaste Real Estate is a Macon business owned and operated by Stefano Danese. Danese, a serial-entrepreneur, manages multiple properties throughout Macon as well as a polymers business and Easy Crane.

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