Operations & Maintenance

 Optimizing the Performance of Your Solar Investment


Our O&M team brings 15+ years in solar and 30+ years in electrical engineering experience.


We offer a full range of state-of-the-art solutions designed to meet all the needs of your facility.


We work with our clients to develop custom service packages tailored for your business.

We Offer Comprehensive O&M Services Designed to Meet the Needs of Commercial and Utility Solar Facilities of Every Scale

Administrative Management

•With state-of-the-art software, we track all aspects of facility management, including contracts, billing, maintenance logs, personnel entry, egress documentation and site safety regulation.
•Track equipment and warranty durations
•Ensure manufacturer maintenance and documentation
•Request and coordinate servicing
•Communication to clients regarding system activity, planning processes, as well as unanticipated events.
•Identifying, procuring and installing replacement parts. Stocking and inventory of parts on behalf of system owners.

Preventative Maintenance

•String and Module Characterization
•Complete Inverter Maintenance
•Infrared Scan of Terminations and Busywork
•Ground System Testing
•Insulation Testing
•Underground Fault Location
•Infrared scan of terminations and busywork
•Breaker functional testing
•Transformer oil sampling
•Substations maintenance
-Pier and support inspections
-Fastner torgque testing
-Corrosion protection coating characterization
•Sun tracking:
-Execution and documentation of required maintenance
-Remote and on-site troubleshooting
-Mechanical calibration
•Inspection, cleaning, calibration of data equipment
•Troubleshoot and repair of fiber optic, ethernet, modes and proprietary data signaling and equipment

Remote Monitoring and Reporting

•Compare energy generation to environmental conditions
•Generate scheduled reports that detail performance metrics
•Communicate with owners and document incidents.
•Plan corrective repair or administrative actions.
•Provide regularly scheduled reports based on client’s needs.
•Specialized reports for municipality and utility compliance.

Modules and Grounds

•Thorough module cleaning can include pressure washing and/or hand scrubbing.
•Pest management
•Environmental reporting and compliance
•Field mowing
•Close trimming
•Herbicide application
•Irrigation management
•Fence repair

Corrective Maintenance

Additional Services

•Commissioning, reconfiguration and decommissioning
•Including testing and programming
•Training employees and the creation of operation manuals.

Our Licensed and Accredited Team is Equipped to Deliver State-of-the-Art Solutions

  • Over 100 MW Under Management

  • Licensed Electricians and Electrical Engineers.

  • NABCEP and OSHA 30 Certified Staff.

  • OSHA Management 500 Certified

  • Medium Voltage Cable Certification

  • Fiber Fusion Splicing and Fiber Certification

  • Central Inverter Servicing

  • Start-up and Turnover of Utility-Scale Plants.

  • Authorized by SMA, Solectria, SunGrow, SMA, SunPower, SolarEdge, and Enphase among others.

What Our Clients Say

“Through Georgia summers, thunderstorms, ice, hurricanes, pollen and hurricanes, Radiance solar keeps our plants up and running at their maximum production capacity, year after year.”

Preston Schultz, Hecate Energy

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Radiance Solar is a founder and member-owner of Amicus O&M Cooperative, a network of independent solar companies across the U.S. that provides coordinated operations and maintenance (O&M) services for geographically distributed solar photovoltaic portfolios. Collectively, we manage over 1.3 GW of solar PV systems throughout the US and Canada.