On an appropriately sunny Friday afternoon, Bulldog Movers officially dedicated a 50 kWdc solar installation on the roof of its Atlanta headquarters at Atlanta’s Spaghetti Junction intersection. The array was designed and constructed with Georgia products and expertise from Radiance Solar and Suniva.

Atlanta’s Radiance Solar was the designer and builder for the project, which was constructed with solar panels from Georgia-based Suniva. The system – featuring 162 Suniva 330 watt modules and three PVI 14TL SolarEdge inverters — will power the entire 40,000 square foot Bulldog Movers facility and feed excess power into the Georgia Power grid.

Tim Echols, Commissioner, Georgia Public Service Commission, officiated the event.

WHY: The fundamentals and economics of the solar industry in Georgia are getting better every day. The price of solar is now at grid parity for utility and large scale projects and is nearing parity for large commercial and industrial projects. Solar, storage and other technologies continue to improve in efficiencies and drop in prices.

Job Growth in Solar

1 of 50 recent jobs added in the U.S. was in the solar industry

Solar is creating quality jobs at a rate that is at the top of all industries

4,000+ solar industry workers in Georgia, 260,000+ nationwide

Photo Caption: GA State Representative Tom Taylor, Radiance Solar President James Marlow, Bulldog Movers President Erik Christensen