ATLANTA, October 1, 2009 — Radiance Solar announced today the completion of a 10kW solar photovoltaic array on a Trinity Street building in Downtown Atlanta. The 10kW system, comprised of 48 SunPower solar photovoltaic panels, is expected to offset roughly 15,000 kWh per year with clean, renewable energy for the tenants in the Trinity complex.

The solar photovoltaic system was installed at 175 Trinity Avenue, a commercial office space housing the law firm of Clements & Sweet, P.C. Building owners John and Midge Sweet made the decision to pursue solar energy after learning about various rebates now available from federal and state grant money. After completing the system the Sweets were able to recapture 65 percent of the system cost through the rebates made available from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the State of Georgia.

The Sweets have long been environmental advocates and the installation of solar array also serves as a statement about their commitment to clean energy. As one of the first law firms in Georgia to adopt renewable energy, the Sweets agree that paying a slight premium for clean power is worth the benefits returned in clean air and reduced water demand, and demonstrates that energy sustainability is achievable in the Southeastern United States.

“Georgia has a great solar resource and smart businesses are beginning to realize that an investment in clean energy makes financial sense and promotes environmental stewardship,” said John Sweet. “We are excited to do our part to show that sustainability in downtown Atlanta is practical and possible.”

The completion of the Trinity Avenue solar array is the latest in a series of world-class solar installations by Atlanta-based Radiance Solar. The Sweets’ solar project demonstrates that renewable energy is on the rise in Georgia and is increasingly important for the state’s economy and environment.

About Radiance Solar
Based in Atlanta, Radiance Solar designs, develops and installs turnkey solar energy systems that help commercial and residential customers save money while reducing their environmental footprint. Radiance is a triple bottom-line company: people, planet, profits. Their focus is on providing outstanding customer service and helping customers determine what they need to do to save money, reduce their environmental impact and help America become energy independent.