Cartersville, GA, May 10, 2012 — Radiance Solar this week completed one of Georgia’s largest solar photovoltaic installations at Aquafil USA headquarters with a 400 kW system. The project is one of several large commercial jobs completed by Radiance Solar in recent months, a positive indicator that the financial return of the technology is looking more compelling.

Aquafil, a chemical and textile firm and leader in carpet fiber technology, has a strong commitment to sustainability in the development of eco-friendly products and the reduction of the impact of its production activities, and the prospect of generating their own power also made sense financially.

“Investing in solar technology is not only in line with our corporate promise of sustainable practices, but it also makes economic sense by lowering our energy costs,” said Franco Rossi, General Manager, Aquafil USA.

The Aquafil system will produce 525,000 kWh of power annually to the energy intensive manufacturing facility. System components include 1572 Optimus® 255 Watt solar panels from Georgia-based Suniva.

“Given that our US headquarters is in Georgia, it’s ideal that Suniva was a key supplier on this project, as we like to source locally whenever possible,” said Rossi.

With more large commercial installations like Aquafil on the horizon for Radiance Solar, the market for alternative energy has momentum.

“While the early adopters of solar energy were clearly driven by a commitment to sustainable practices, rapidly falling prices are attracting a whole new segment of commercial customers who are increasingly driven by ROI,” said James Marlow, CEO and Founder of Radiance Solar.

Some of Radiance Solar’s notable completed projects in the Atlanta area include the following.

Commercial Installations:
• 147 kW for East Decatur Station, Decatur
• 120 kW for 8 IBG Construction properties, Atlanta
• 100 kW for Kennedy Business Centers, Alpharetta
• 100 kW for National Bus Sales & Leasing, Marietta
• 25 kW for Damaste Real Estate, Macon

Institutional and Municipal Installations:
• 128 kW and 16 Collectors (thermal) for Electric Cities of Georgia facilities
• 86 kW and 30 Collectors (solar thermal) for Georgia Tech

Improving the efficiencies and reducing the cost in system design and installation is part of Radiance Solar’s business mission, with the goal of accelerating the tipping point where solar will becomes a realistic, affordable option for all energy users, both commercial and residential.
Towards this effort, Radiance Solar, in collaboration with Suniva and Georgia Tech Research Institute, has been awarded a $2.8 million grant from the Department of Energy to develop commercially-ready, next-generation solar PV balance of system design.

“The cost of commercial installations is down from rates of $8.00/watt five years ago to less than $3.00/watt and falling,” says Jamie Porges, COO and Founder of Radiance Solar. “We’re seeing payback time-frames down from 10+ years to 4-6 years, which are proving to be game-changing metrics, and solar power is emerging as a meaningful return on investment.”

With these trends underway, Porges is confident that the industry is positioned for significant growth,

“The solar industry is still very young but is following the trajectory of so many other technologies that were at first expensive and appealed to a small segment – as we saw with air-conditioning in the 50’s, computers, cell phones, flat-panel televisions – to name a few. Once they reach a critical manufacturing scale, prices drop, competitive market forces are triggered and adoption becomes widespread.”

About Radiance Solar:
Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Radiance Solar is a leading solar contractor, specializing in the design, installation and maintenance of solar energy systems. Their mission is to bring low-cost, reliable solar energy within reach of every electricity user through a relentless commitment to innovative design, aggressive procurement and efficient construction techniques.

About Aquafil, USA:
Aquafil USA is an extension of the Aquafil Group, an Italy based textile and chemical firm with more than $550 million in annual sales. The Aquafil group was founded in 1956 and today employs some 1,900 people in three continents. Aquafil USA’s mother company, Aquafil SpA of Arco di Trento (Italy) has been the European market leader for several years now in the carpet fibres market place. Aquafil’s activities, in addition to BCF (bulked continuous filament) for carpets, includes textile yarns and technical polymers

About Suniva
Suniva® is an American manufacturer of high-efficiency crystalline silicon photovoltaic (PV) solar cells and high-power solar modules. The company uses patented, low-cost manufacturing techniques and industry-leading technology to produce its high-quality products and maintain competitive costs. Headquartered in metro-Atlanta, GA, Suniva sells its advanced PV cells and modules globally. For additional information on how Suniva is making solar sensible, visit