Energy Storage 

Eliminate Energy Imbalances

The integration of battery storage in a solar photovoltaic system alleviates the challenges of cycling between oversupply when the sun shines and shortage when it doesn’t. Whether integrating a storage solution at project conception or retrofitting an existing system, Radiance Solar can custom design and engineer a battery storage solution to improve cost savings and reliability. 

We have completed storage projects from 10 kWh to 15 MWh

Commercial & Industrial Projects

Battery storage + solar lowers peak demand costs and can supply back-up power in the event of unplanned power outages. Configured to store energy when costs are low and release power for consumption when energy costs are high, a battery storage system brings greater reliability, flexibility and control.  

Utility Projects

Storage-paired solar facilities have the ability to “time shift” based on energy demands. Storage + solar allows system operators to quickly absorb, hold and then reinject electricity for greater reliability, stability and revenue.

Discover the benefits of storage + solar. 

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