Turnkey EPC Services 

Managing Solar Every Step of the Way 

Radiance Solar is a full-service engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) service provider that can take your project all the way from ideation to ribbon cutting. Powered by an in-house team of designers, engineers, installers and project managers, we deliver high performance solar solutions for commercial and utility projects of all scales. 

The Radiance Solar Process

Initial Electrical and Financial Analysis Proposal 

The first phase in our process involves understanding your goals and analyzing power usage patterns. Using input from you as well as satellite photos and electric bills, Radiance will deliver a preliminary proposal indicating high-level potential. This includes an outline of incentives, credits and power buy-back programs for which you may be eligible.  

Site Assessment & Feasibility  

An in-person technical site visit and audit is then performed, including any structural evaluation, topographical surveys and geotechnical analysis. This allows us to evaluate all the considerations and assess your site’s viability for high performance solar.  

Design & Engineering

We create cost-efficient, construction-ready design and component plans that ensure peak production and long-term reliability. Our in-house engineers will right-size your system to meet your organization’s needs, comply with zoning restrictions and offer a forecasted rate of return that makes sense for your business.  


Identifying the products that meet your demands and objectives is central to our success. We have firsthand experience with a variety of equipment and close relationships with our suppliers. Plus, as a member of the Amicus Solar Cooperative, Radiance is able to make sure you’re getting the most competitive pricing on quality solar products. 


Radiance’s experienced technicians have a successful track record of delivering projects on time and on budget. Our construction is self-performed and all on site activity is managed by our in-house team. From initial site walks to final commissioning, your project is being handled by full-time Radiance employees. We hold ourselves to the highest safety and quality standards, with a dedicated safety manager and QA/QC team member on site at all times.


In the final phase of our process, we ensure that your system is delivering on all productivity metrics. We’ll provide all final documentation, review warranties and smoothly transition you to your operations and maintenance team. We can even help you host a ribbon cutting event to announce your clean energy investment to employees and your community.  

The Process Works

Founding Member of the Amicus Solar Cooperative  

We work with 70 other solar organizations to improve standards in the industry and keep costs down for our clients.

Invest in solar and your business

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