Operations & Maintenance

Protecting Your Solar Investment

Your solar array has the ability to pay for itself. But if the system is not regularly monitored, inspected and maintained, its performance—and financial return—can be hindered. Radiance Solar offers a full range of operations and maintenance (O&M) services to keep commercial and utility solar facilities up and running at maximum efficiency.

“Highly recommend Radiance for both preventative and corrective solar needs. Their team is highly experienced and diverse in all aspects of solar operations, from basic to highly involved projects and repairs.”

—Rachel Morrill, Site Manager, Duke Energy

“The Radiance team has continued to provide the highest customer service with transparency, flexibility and open lines of communication.”

—Ben Oberman, Operations Manager, Green Power EMC

”Radiance approaches O&M with the eye of an EPC so they are able to troubleshoot and repair professionally. Radiance looks for ways to save on our costs, for example, by identifying a field team closer to our project to cut down on transportation time.”

—Preston Shulz, VP of Development, Hecate

Founder and Member-Owner of Amicus O&M Cooperative 

This network of independent solar companies provides coordinated operations and maintenance services for geographically distributed solar photovoltaic portfolios. Collectively, we manage over 1.3 GW of solar PV systems throughout the US and Canada.

Operations and Maintenance Services 

Preventative Maintenance

Following a regular maintenance schedule allows us to stay ahead of issues, minimize downtime and keep your system on track. 

  • AC/DC System Health Assessment 
  • Mechanical System Maintenance 
  • Data Acquisition System Maintenance 
  • Structural System Maintenance 
  • Thermal Imaging 
  • 100,000 Mile Checkup 

Remote Monitoring and Reporting

We’re actively monitoring systems 24/7 and can log in to see what’s happening in real time if an alert indicates an issue. 

  • Monitor and Measure System Performance 
  • System Alerts Tracking 
  • Scheduled Reporting 

Corrective Maintenance

Our licensed and accredited team brings 30+ years of electrical experience so if there’s a storm or other system issue, we can get it fixed fast.  

  • Respond to System Alerts 
  • Repair and Restore Operation 
  • Identify and Diagnose Problems 
  • Report and Document Incidents 

Administrative Management

Our administrative team handles the details so your warranties stay active and you can focus on your operation. 

  • Work Order History 
  • Warranty Management 
  • Longitudinal System Health 
  • Spare Parts Tracking 

Vegetation Management

We’ll make sure things like dirt, debris, weeds, trees and erosion are not able to impact your system.

  • Mowing and Trimming 
  • Erosion Control 
  • Seeding and Herbicide Application 
  • Fence and Road Repair 

Additional Services

With 16 years of experience in solar, we’re prepared to assist you with a wide variety of O&M needs. 

  • Plant Commissioning 
  • Plant De-Commissioning 
  • Plant Upgrades 
  • Breaker and Relay Verification 
  • Client Training 
  • Substation Preventative Maintenance 
  • MV Transformer Maintenance 
  • Medium Voltage Installation, Testing and Repair 
  • Safety and Emergency Planning 
  • Third Party Verification 
  • Drone Photography 
  • Central Inverter Servicing  
  • Start-Up and Turnover of Utility Scale Plants 

About Our Licensed and Accredited O&M Team

  • Licensed Electrical Engineers and Electricians 
  • NABCEP and OSHA 30 Certified Staff 
  • OSHA Management 500 Certification 
  • Medium Voltage Cable Certification 
  • Fiber Fusion Splicing and Fiber Certification 
  • Authorized by SMA, Solectria, SunGrow, SMA, SunPower, SolarEdge and Enphase, Among Others

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Operations & Maintenance

Let us help you maintain system efficiency. 

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